Connoisseurs of premium wines from Moldova can taste the best wines at the event, which takes place around the world on the same day

Every year, on the last Saturday of February, “Open That Bottle Night” is organized worldwide. This evening you can enjoy premium wines with friends and wine connoisseurs. The event guaranteeing you the best weekend getaway aims to promote good wines and challenge participants to socialize, believing that good wine should be drunk and great wine should be shared with someone.

Castel Mimi, the best tourist attraction in Moldova, is organizing such an event on the evening of 24 February. Attendees will be able to meet and taste wines from The Governor elite series, produced in memory of Constantin Mimi, and attend the opening of a Magnum Governor Feteasca Neagra collector’s bottle, a double-volume bottle of wine produced in limited quantities, a wine recently declared “the best wine in Moldova” in a local competition.

Premium wines, live music, and select cuisine will lighten the mood and have attendees spending time socializing and creating lifelong memories.

Click here for details of access to “Open That Bottle Night.”

“Open That Bottle Night” was first organized in 2000 by a couple of American journalists working for The Wall Street Journal. Since then, the event has been held annually on the last weekend of February and has grown in popularity every year, becoming a global phenomenon. The day was created to open up the good wines gathered over the year for a special event.

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