European Commission deputy head: Russia is not satisfied with Moldova’s accession to the EU, but it is decided not by Russia but by Moldovan citizens and authorities

European Commission Vice-President and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell Fontelles, highlighted Russia’s dissatisfaction with Moldova’s intention to join the EU but underscored that the ultimate decision rests with Moldova. Borrell stated, “We prioritize the well-being of Moldovan citizens and authorities,” following the eighth meeting of the Moldova-European Union Association Council.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean asserted, “Moldova will mobilize to reaffirm its commitment to the European path on October 20 and undertake all necessary reforms to ensure the sustainability of our country’s institutions.”

When questioned about the prospect of commencing accession talks with Moldova on June 25, European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi remarked, “Achieving this goal would be facilitated by completing all outstanding tasks.”


Varhelyi elaborated, “In addressing this matter, we must concentrate on remaining tasks. The government has assured me it will address at least one unresolved issue. It remains unclear whether they will resolve it by June 25. The Commission has submitted all proposals for the decision adoption by the European Council and for convening the first intergovernmental conference, the initial formal stage of negotiations. The readiness of the Council by that date remains to be determined. Naturally, achieving the goal would be facilitated by completing all tasks.”

Prime Minister Recean affirmed, “Our aim is to be prepared by the end of June. Simultaneously, the Commission and member states must make preparations. While there is no set date, there is a target.”

The eighth meeting of the Moldova-EU Association Council, the first since Moldova received the decision to commence EU accession talks, was today in Brussels.

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