From June, green license plates for cars will appear in Moldova. How can people buy it and what does it mean?

From June 7, 2024, cars with environmentally friendly powertrains will receive special green registration plates. This class includes vehicles with zero CO2 emissions: pure electric vehicles or those using hydrogen fuel cells, the State Services Agency reports.

Authorities will issue green license plates to new and already registered electric vehicles. Owners of already registered electric vehicles can apply to replace standard license plates with green ones.

“Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, including in Moldova. Their number has increased significantly over the last few years. The State Register of Vehicles reports that owners have registered more than three thousand electric cars as primary vehicles. Green license plates will become a distinctive feature of electric vehicles, helping to identify them more easily on the roads and promoting sustainable mobility. The measure is part of the government’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change,” the Agency said.


You need to provide these documents to get the new green license plates:

An application from the applicant;
Proof of payment for the license plates;
Proof of identity;
Old license plates or a statement of loss/theft;
Power of Attorney (optional);

How much green license plates cost:

Non-ordered green license plates – 550 lei;
License plates with license plates of your choice from the already produced ones – 1100 lei;
Replacement of license plates from standard to green (with preservation of the registration number) – 550 lei.

The Agency also shared statistical information on electric vehicle registrations:

  • In 2014 – 1 electric car
  • in 2015 – 13 electric cars
  • in 2016 – 14 electric cars
  • in 2017 – 36 electric vehicles
  • in 2018 – 42 electric vehicles
  • in 2019 – 191 electric vehicles
  • in 2020 – 210 electric vehicles
  • in 2021 – 396 electric vehicles
  • in 2022 – 729 electric vehicles
  • in 2023 – 1012 electric vehicles
  • in 2024 (until 30.04.2024), 376 electric vehicles.

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