How credible is the vetting process? Stamate: It’s a complicated and arduous process, but we can see the first results

Vetting is complicated and time-consuming, but it is well underway, Action and Solidarity Party Deputy Chairwoman Olesea Stamate told Rlive TV’s Rezoomat. At the same time, Olesea Stamate said that the first results are already visible.

“First of all, vetting and pre-vetting are part of the reform. It plays a significant role in justice reform, as it involves replacing individuals who lack integrity or have ethical issues, ensuring they do not hold positions as judges or prosecutors. It is a crucial aspect of the reform process. However, we must also focus on other elements, such as amending and adopting legislation.

By doing so, we can streamline the investigation of high-profile cases, providing the PA with all the necessary tools to investigate corruption cases more efficiently. Yes, vetting is a complicated process and quite tedious and lengthy in terms of implementation, but it is an advanced process. I think the first results are already visible”, said Olesea Stamate.


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