Maia Sandu intervenes with a suggestive message in the dispute between the two Orthodox Metropolises in Moldova

People have the right to choose, but “I understand parishioners who do not want to be part of a church in Moscow that supports the war.” The statement comes from Moldovan President Maia Sandu, like an answer to a question about the sparks between the Moldovan and Bessarabian Metropolises.

“I want peace in society, and I want peace in the church. I hope that this scandal does not unfold, as you call it. I hope we can ensure peace. People have the right to choose because we are a democratic country, but I understand the churches and the parishioners who do not want to be part of a church that supports the war. The church in Moscow seems to me a natural process, but I repeat, the most important thing is to have peace in society and to have peace between churches, and I hope that everyone will work specifically for this goal.

No one has discussed with the authorities about the salaries that priests receive from Romania. That is their decision, and I don’t know if there has been any discussion between churches. We see this discussion at the public level. I repeat, my request, my wish, is that we keep the peace”, Maia Sandu said.


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 50 churches have joined the Metropolitanate of Bessarabia. The Metropolitanate of Moldova maintains its status within the Russian Orthodox Church.

As a result, several priests have been stopped from officiating at Masses and released from their parish priesthood by decrees signed by Metropolitan Vladimir. The church institution justified its decision because it had “blatantly” left the Orthodox Church of Moldova, disobeyed the hierarchical church authorities, and violated their oath of ordination.

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