Program 373: A catalyst for energy innovation. Read Andrei Cushnir’s story

Andrei Cushnir, a young entrepreneur and dentist from Floresti, has found an ingenious solution to combat high energy bills. Faced with a challenge, Andrei turned it into an opportunity by investing in a photovoltaic system.

Through the Government Program “373,” managed by ODA, the entrepreneur accessed a loan of 450 thousand lei, allowing him to install solar panels. Thus, Andrei significantly reduced his electricity costs.

“I didn’t find the program complicated. In less than two weeks, I collected all the necessary documents. And when we went to the bank, we managed to get the loan in a few days,” said Andrei Cushnir at an event dedicated to entrepreneurs organized by ODA.


The “373” Program, launched in the summer of 2023, has already supported 320 companies, giving them access to 388 loans with a total value of more than 1 billion lei. The investments generated significantly impacted the economy, totaling 1.5 billion lei.

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