The Bureau for Reintegration Policies has taken action in the ecological disaster case on the Dniester River

The ecological disaster that occurred on Wednesday, June 19, in the Dniester River has also come to the attention of the Office of Reintegration Policy. It says that the competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova are ready to provide appropriate assistance in this case.

“Regarding the information circulating in the public domain about the regular discharge of waste/uncleaned water into the Dniester River near the city of Bender, we have notified the political representative in Tiraspol through our established dialogue channel, requesting more detailed information on the circumstances of this incident. The competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova also communicated their readiness to provide appropriate assistance. In this context, they requested to ensure access to qualified specialists to carry out the necessary measurements and activities for protecting population health, complying with current environmental standards, and appropriately using aquatic resources,” the source said.

The Minister of Environment, Sergiu Lazarencu, reacted to this worrying incident.


“The Ministry of Environment has urgently instructed the Environmental Agency’s laboratory to collect and analyze samples from various river sections, including the Tighina (Bender) region. Initial consultations with state institutions indicate that the city of Bender has addressed the damage to its sewage system, but pollution in the Dniester River near Bender persists. The Ministry will promptly update the public with additional information as soon as it becomes available,” Minister Lazarencu said.

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