(VIDEO) Adrian Efros: We have a good cooperation with NATO, but it is not about military issues

The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) will provide the Interior Ministry with expertise to enhance the capabilities of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) to handle chemical, biological, or nuclear incidents. Interior Minister Adrian Efros made the statement during the “Rezoomat” broadcast on RLIVE TV.

The official recently met NATO Deputy Secretary Mircea Geoana in Brussels, and regional security and strengthening state institutions were high on the agenda.

Adrian Efros says the Interior Ministry only works with NATO on non-military issues. He rules out any plans to equip the ministry with lethal weapons from NATO.

“We have a good cooperation. It is a cooperation that is less about the military side. We are talking about increasing the capabilities of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations on chemical, biological, and nuclear incidents. We have good cooperation in capacity-building terms, but we have no project related to arming or providing lethal means to equip the Ministry of Interior. There are forward-looking projects, but non-military, ensuring terms and maintaining public order. We are talking about expertise, exchange of experience, support in the various normative acts drafting, and the drafting of various training programs.  It is a rather broad sector, and we want to take advantage of every opportunity development partners offered,” Minister Efros said during the Rezoomat program.

Minister Adrian Efros met NATO Deputy Secretary Mircea Geoana in Brussels at the end of April. During the talks, the head of the Ministry of Interior reiterated Moldova’s interest in NATO’s expertise and assistance in the modernization of the security and defense sector.

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