(VIDEO) Igor Grosu: On October 20, citizens are invited to vote in the referendum. We must work for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova

Presidential elections and a referendum on Moldova’s accession to the European Union will be held on 20 October 2024. The announcement was made by Igor Grosu, chairman of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), at a briefing.

According to the quoted source, the PAS faction has registered a draft resolution on holding the referendum in the legislature.

He noted that citizens will answer the question “Are you in favor of Moldova joining the European Union?” at the referendum.

“Parliament is now preparing all the necessary steps to set the referendum’s date and presidential elections on 20 October 2024. After voting on the draft, the Central Electoral Commission will submit it to initiate the procedure for holding the republican referendum by the Electoral Code.


On 20 October, the people’s voice will clearly say in which direction we want to take the Republic of Moldova. The Constitution will fix the citizens’ sovereign decision.  As I have said on other occasions, we have no time to lose. It is time for the Constitution to make it clear that our place is in the European Union family, where peace is guaranteed and welfare is assured”, said the President of Parliament.

He urged political forces and representatives of civil society to get actively involved in the information campaign for the referendum.

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