What is the European Political Community and how could it help Moldova?

The President considers that if the European Political Community is created and the Republic of Moldova joins this organization, the procedure will not be an alternative to European integration. According to Maia Sandu, through such a community, Chisinau will be able to reach European officials more easily and discuss with them certain topics on the agenda.

The head of state mentioned that the granting of candidate country status and accession to the European Union will take years. She pointed out in the studio of the show “Cutia Neagră” on TV8 that after the EU decision we can be awarded with a candidate for membership with certain conditions or asked to work on certain issues and come back later with a new application.

“Until the country receives membership, it does not participate in the discussions of the European Council. What President Macron has proposed is to have this way, to start with the political community, where we can talk. It is proposed that there be a forum where certain things can be discussed. We have the problem of the pandemic, the problem of the war and all the consequences, with the need to improve the transport corridors. The Republic of Moldova has obtained a review of the export conditions. All these things can be coordinated. We discuss them there, we tell each other our point of view. Decisions are taken in the European Council. It is not so easy to have talks with the German Chancellor, with the President of France, with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands “, explained Maia Sandu.

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We note that during Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Chisinau, Maia Sandu stated that Moldova welcomes the creation of the European Political Community and wants to be part of this organization. “Together, we can contribute to a European Union that must become a true geopolitical player in the service of peace, human rights, security and stability, and have the tools to meet all the challenges,” she said in their joint statement. .

The initiative to create the European Political Community was launched by Macron on May 9th. The French president said at the time that the accession of a candidate like Ukraine would take “decades” and that the new organization could help those states to facilitate the process.

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