While Shor is in Moscow, Chisinau demands extradition from Israel. The justice minister: prosecutors cannot talk about Plahotniuc

While Ilan Shor holds rallies for supporters in Moscow and appears to have taken refuge there, the government in Chisinau continues to demand his extradition from Israel. The justice minister made the revelation during a Radio Moldova broadcast.

Veronica Mihailov-Moraru said Moscow had not responded to Moldovan request about Shor’s extradition. Meanwhile, Israeli officials have told Moldovan officials that Ilan Shor’s case is at an advanced stage of examination.

“As the representative of the Republic of Moldova, we will continue to request the extradition of this person, given that we have enforcement decisions, and we will submit requests in both directions,” the minister said.


When asked why authorities are not requesting Vlad Plahotniuc’s extradition, the official said there is no court decision and no action from the prosecutors. Although they can submit such a request, they cannot reveal the reasons for not requesting the measure to Justice Ministry officials.

At the same time, the minister pointed out that the case against the former Democratic leader must be completed and mentioned the importance of the changes in the legislation allowing convicting a person in their absence.

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