“373” Program: entrepreneurs will be able to access financial resources for business development more easily

Moldovan entrepreneurs will have easier access to financial resources for business development under the “373” Investment Incentive Program. The government has approved changes to increase the number of eligible beneficiaries and investments and simplify lending procedures.

“In addition to the interest rate subsidy, new components are added, including loan guarantees, which are important for small and medium-sized enterprises. These measures will drive investment, create jobs, increase value, and boost wages,” said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

 The “373” program has been extended to assist small and medium-sized businesses in the commerce sector, except those selling alcohol and tobacco and who repair cars and motorcycles.

Another improvement concerns the rise in the maximum amount that a single beneficiary can receive, from 15 to 40 million lei. It will also be possible to finance the purchase of raw materials and materials needed for production or the provision of services, up to 30% of the value of the investment project.

At the same time, the maximum guarantee ceiling has risen from 40% to 80% of the loan amount for guarantees offered. It was a requirement of the Credit Guarantee Fund, and it simplified bank lending procedures.


So far, under the “373” Program, more than 300 beneficiaries have taken out 363 loans, with a total investment value of 1.46

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