Damage due to bad weather. Heavy rain and hailstones have damaged hundreds of hectares in Moldova

According to the State Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the heavy rain and wind that hit Moldova on June 8 damaged several districts.

Heavy rain and hailstones damaged dozens of hectares of agricultural lands and orchards in Soroca, Edinet, Straseni, Ungheni, and Nisporeni raions.

In Makareshti village, Ungheni district, 11 ha of vineyards, 12 ha of sunflower, 10 ha of corn, and 20 ha of wheat were damaged by heavy rain with hail.

Additionally, in Soroca district, bad weather destroyed 280 hectares of corn. The rains also affected 43 hectares of orchards, 130 hectares of sunflowers, and about 80 hectares of seedlings.


Strong wind gusts also damaged the roof of the temporary accommodation center for people with disabilities in the village of Badichany. Here, the wind tore off about 204 sheets of slate and 160 square meters of wooden cladding.

In the Nisporeni district, Barboeni, and Sholdaneshti, heavy rains with hail destroyed 24 hectares of orchards and 26 hectares of vineyards.

District Commissions for Emergency Situations continue to work in the districts to assess the material damage.

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