Gazprom is not reducing natural gas deliveries to Moldova, “for now”

The Moldovagaz company paid Gazprom for the current gas deliveries for the month of November. Thus, the remaining gas on the territory of Ukraine has been paid for, announces the Russian Gazprom.

“In this sense, it was decided not to reduce gas supplies to the Republic of Moldova”, says Gazprom.

The Russian concern draws attention to the regular violation by the Moldovan side of contractual obligations in terms of payment for Russian gas deliveries. However, Gazprom reserves the right to reduce or completely stop gas supply in case of payment failure.

In the first half of November, the difference between the nominal and measured reflected gas volumes was significant, as the average outside temperature recorded was above the meteorological norm specific to this period of the year, which led to the later start of the heating season than usually, claims the president of Moldovagaz, Vadim Ceban.


“Consequently, taking into account the fact that Moldovagaz did not have the opportunity to store the volume of gas not taken by the country’s consumers in the first half of November, and the refusal to these quantities, in the conditions of limited gas supplies from SAP “Gazprom” in the proportion of 51% of the volume provided by the contract, would mean the creation of an unrecoverable deficit for the second half of November, a certain amount of gas remained temporarily untaken in the networks of the Operator of the Transport System of Ukraine, being reflected on the OBA of the PI ” Alexeevka” and “Grebeniky”, Ceban pointed out.

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