In case of an attack, Romania could only help Moldova with weapons and military equipment

The Minister of Defense says that in case of an attack by the Russian Federation on the Republic of Moldova, the National Army will defend the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, Anatolie Nosatii says that for the time being there are no risks to the security of Moldova. According to the official, Russian military forces are focused on the conquest of the Donbas, and Ukraine’s resistance prevents the re-growth of the front line to the Odessa and Nikolaiv region.

The Minister of Defense gives assurances that the danger of war is for the time being, far from the Republic of Moldova, according to Anatolie Nosatii says that the official messages from Russia are appeasing. The authorities in Chisinau being given assurances that the so-called military operation does not target Moldova.

“The danger has not disappeared, but compared to the end of February, it is much better. The situation has changed a lot in Ukraine, military actions have moved away from the borders of the Republic of Moldova. Ukraine’s actions moved the front further from Nikolaiv, Odessa. Thanks to the international effort to support Ukraine with weapons, the country has the opportunity to defend the Black Sea coast, including defending airspace, which is very favorable for us. Diplomatic channels are discussed with the Russian Federation, we are told that the military operation does not target the Republic of Moldova and there are no dangers to the Republic of Moldova “, said Anatolie Nosatii in the show” Cutia Neagră “on TV8.


The Minister of Defense says that in the event of the darkest scenario that would aim at attracting the Republic of Moldova to war, the National Army will be on duty. The Minister says that the scenario of mobilizing certain categories of citizens is also taken into account. Also, Anatolie Nosatii says that Romania, as a NATO member state, will only be able to provide assistance to the Republic of Moldova with the delivery of weapons and military equipment.

“We mentain 6500 soldiers we at the momen. But if necessary the mobilization plans are applied, the number of the army increases depending on the danger. We hope that the situation will not be attacked, but we must be prepared to defend ourselves. Direct aid from Romania, with the involvement of military units, cannot be. We have the eloquent example of Ukraine, which has close relations with Poland. However, Polish military units did not get involved in fighting. In difficult situations, it could be weapons and equipment aids, equipment “, said the Minister of Defense.

According to the Minister of Defense, the National Army is made up of a military force of 6,500 people and 2,000 civilians.

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