Members of the socialist party break the law that forbids the public display of specific “Victory Day” symbols

Today, a march took place in Chisinau on the occasion of “Victory Day”. During this march, the BCS (The block of communists and socialists) deputies, together with Igor Dodon, wore the “Saint George” ribbon.

Under the new law, if a natural person makes, sells, owns or publicly distributes these symbols, he or she will risk a fine of between 4,500 and 9,000 lei or unpaid community service from 30 up to 60 hours. In the case of legal entities or public officials, the fines amount to up to 18,000 lei.


Displaying (display in public), making, disseminating, and holding for public dissemination of generally known attributes or symbols that are used in the context of acts of military aggression, war crimes or crimes against humanity, as well as propaganda, or glorifying these actions;

Prohibited symbols are: colored / awareness flags, bands and ribbons (black-orange two-tone band), emblems (graphics, letters or numbers and combinations thereof), badges, uniforms, slogans, greetings, and any other such means used by the participants in acts of military aggression, war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The fine is:

For private persons: 4,500-9,000 lei or 30/60 hours for the benefit of the community;

For person with a position of responsibility: 9,000-18,000 lei;

For legal entities: 18,000-30,000 lei.


The representation of these symbols in textbooks / books;

Their representation on a scientific / educational support (journalistic report);

exposing them in scientific / educational exhibitions;

making, owning, using them in theater / film performances;

use in historical reconstruction activities in which participants carry out a program according to a predetermined plan to recreate various aspects of an event or a historical period;

exposure of ribbons and ribbons that are part of the badges, medals and orders given to people to participate in World War II.

Igor Dodon, former President of the Republic of Moldova, mentioned that if he is held administratively responsible for wearing the “Saint George” ribbon, then he will address the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).
“The law banning the ribbon is a mistake. It is up to each citizen to decide whether or not to wear it, “said Dodon.

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