Military radars did not detect drone crashed near Etulei: Moldovan Defense Ministry responds

Military radars and early warning systems have failed to detect the wreckage of a drone that fell near the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, near the village of Etulia in Vulcanesti district.

“The main reason is the low altitude of the target flight, low reflective surface of the fragments, and a large distance to the target,” explained the Defense Ministry.

The prime minister said that by 2030, Moldova needs to buy a system capable of identifying all types of air hazards. He said there are two phases of investment: the first one is related to the identification of risks, while the second phase of financing will be to eliminate them.

“To ensure full coverage of missiles of different types and drones flying at different altitudes, we need an investment of several billion euros. It is not possible to do this with our resources. We must cooperate and act together with our friends. Now we can see objects flying from 2000 meters,” Recean told reporters.

On February 11, fragments of the drone “Shahed” were found near the settlement of Yetulia. According to the Border Police, the drone was shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system during massive Russian attacks on the Ukrainian ports of Izmail and Reni.

The drone’s warhead contained about 50 kg of explosives and was detonated.

The main problem of the Republic of Moldova in the field of defense is that for three decades this policy has been neglected, which is why today Moldova has neither an air defense system nor any warning system in case of danger. About this announces PAS deputy Dorian Istratii.

“No one, no government has ever thought of our country having such a system, which involves immediate notification in the event of an alert. On the air defense side, the radar we have detects at 250 kilometers and can shoot down at a range of up to 100 kilometers. It is now being tested at the Ministry of Defence, where colleagues have to learn how to use it. And I think we will need more of these radars. I don’t think it will be the only one that Moldova will have, because we have to defend our country. Or, what is written in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova about neutrality does not protect us from the Kremlin’s missiles,” the parliamentarian said.

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