The director of SIS comments on the mobilization in Russia and the danger coming from Transnistria

The filtering capacity that the Border Police has at the land or air border, with the support of the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS), is “quite good and can identify people who represent a risk to the state”. With such clarifications came the director of SIS, Alexandru Musteata, who commented on the capacity of our authorities to deal with a potential wave of citizens either from the Russian Federation or from Transnistria, if they try to flee the mobilization.

Regarding a potential wave of refugees from the Transnistrian region, in the event that the separatist leader, Vadim Krasnoselski, will announce the mobilization of citizens in the same way as happened in Russia, the director of the SIS said that there is no risk of such citizens sneaking in, because the Chisinau authorities know in advance when any alleged Transnistrian security guard tries to reach the right bank of the Dniester.


“If there is a potential flow of citizens from Transnistria, we cannot now say that there is a risk that they could come. Another aspect is the fact that, those who are on the left side of the Dniester, Chisinau considers them citizens of the Republic of Moldova and the vast majority of them have all the documents in order. So it’s hard to apply filters and say it’s bad or good. SIS has the ability to know ahead of time who is coming to the country, who the respective persons are, whether or not they are assigned to the so-called security bodies from Transnistria when they come to the right side of the Dniester. Another role is for the police to intervene if there are people in the sights of the constitutional bodies,” said the SIS director.

In the part related to the assault of the state border by potential Russian citizens, Musteata states that “it is complicated for them to reach the Republic of Moldova, because they have go over the border of half of the countries of the European Union”, something that is now complicated, including even for those with visas or even for Moldovan citizens in Russia.

We specify that, almost a week after the announcement of the partial mobilization in the Russian Federation, hundreds of thousands of Russians stormed several borders from the country’s border. One of the most requested is the one with Georgia, where queues of cars are formed for at least 30 km, and some have started on foot to cross the border, just to escape the enlistment in the Russian army, to be sent to fight in Ukraine.

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