Touristic Chișinău: Discover the history of Columna Street 115 and find out what makes it special

Out of the 186 urban perimeters that form the historical core of Chișinău city, each address holds a historical and architectural significance. Today, the guide Ion Ștefăniță introduces you to the former market center, namely Columna Street 115, in the Capital.

“Right here was where all the movement happened. Parallel to Golden Street, which is now known as Alexandru cel Bun Street, there was Nicolaevskaia Street. At the end of the 19th century, this two-level building was constructed and housed the ‘Imperial’ hotel for a considerable period. In 1915, archival records indicate that the address functioned as a tourist destination, being a hotel. Even the building on Columna Street 115 suffered during the Second World War. Consequently, it was reconstructed in the post-war period until 1948, but with a new purpose. The building then served an industrial role, becoming the Serghei Lazo footwear factory,” explains the guide.


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The project is funded and implemented by the Chișinău Municipality, through the Civil Budget Program, 2023 edition.

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