(VIDEO) Vasnetsov, with Putin’s photo in the background, comments on Chisinau’s decision to expel a Russian diplomat

Russian Ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov commented on Chisinau’s decision to expel a Russian diplomat. The statements appear to have been made to one pro-Kremlin publication, Sputnik Moldova, which the Intelligence and Security Service blocks and the video appeared on the publication’s Telegram channel.

“It is related to the vote on March 17 in Transnistria. We analyze this step as unfriendly, in line with last year’s decision to expel Russian diplomats. It will not have a positive influence, on the contrary, it will negatively affect the state of bilateral relations. It will weaken the potential of the diplomatic mission,” Vasnetsov said.

The Russian representative in Moldova also said that the decision on the response for Moldova will be taken at the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. Maria Zakharova is expected to announce an official reaction from the institution on the subject.

Vasnetsov also said that the Russian delegation would not be able to attend the FAO meeting, which will take place in Chisinau in spring. The diplomacy in Chisinau has offered Russian officials to join the event online.


“These facts demonstrate Chisinau’s unfriendly attitude towards the Russian Federation. We reminded that voting is the right of every citizen,” Vasnetsov said.

Moscow is preparing a response – this is how Russia’s Foreign Ministry commented on Chisinau’s decision to expel a diplomat, reports TASS. The measures are currently unclear.

We recall that before the presidential elections organized by the Kremlin, the Russian ambassador was summoned to the MFA. He received a note of protest, because Moscow opened six polling stations in Transnistria, while the administration in Chisinau claimed that only one can be established for the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.

On Monday 18 March, President Maia Sandu announced that the government is preparing a response to Russia in the context of the elections after Russia showed “disrespect towards the state of the Republic of Moldova.”

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