Central Election Commission Members Make Initial Statements

Angelica Caraman, the head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), reminds, during the first press briefing on Sunday, that all candidates from the “Șansă” Party have been removed from the electoral race, and a canceled stamp has been applied next to the electoral competitors on the ballot papers.

“At 07:00, all polling stations were opened… In two localities in UTA Găgăuzia, Chioselia Rusă, and Cotovscoe, there will be no mayoral elections, and in the village of Cealîc in the Taraclia district, citizens will not participate in the local council elections. In these localities, there was one registered mayoral candidate and one electoral competitor for whom the registration was canceled. Furthermore, in 45 other localities, voters will find only one mayoral candidate on the ballot papers, and in 21 localities, there will be only one candidate for the position of councilor in the Local Council,” announced the CEC.


Additionally, the head of the CEC mentioned that the voting process in one polling station has been suspended in the city of Cantemir due to the need to reprint the ballot papers for that station. Once the issue is resolved, the voting process will be resumed.

According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), in this election, 898 mayors and 11,058 local councilors will be elected, including 9,972 from villages (communes), and towns, and 1,086 from districts/municipalities.

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