EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Watch the first interview with one of the Turkish Teachers deported from Moldova

Hüseyin Bayraktar was a Turkish Teacher at Orizont High School in Chișinău. He had a normal life, a job that he liked, a wife and 2 children. On the morning of the 6th of September, he went to work as usual, having no idea that his life was going to be changed forever by that day.

He was taken by force by a bunch of people he knew nothing about, who were wearing casual clothes and presented SIS badges, put into a car and taken to the airport. His family, just like the families of the other teachers who were in the same situation, knew nothing about the action, where their husbands were taken and what was going to happen to them.

They were all taken to Turkey, were they were wanted by the Erdogan regime. The Moldovan authorities were later accused of ”trading” the 7 teachers for a series of projects sponsored by the Turkish government, among which the renovation of the Presidency building in Chișinău, vandalized in April 2009. President Erdogan later thanked Igor Dodon, ex-president of the Republic of Moldova, for ”delivering” the ”terrorists”, which only confirms the rumours.

Still, there was little to no evidence of any connection between the Turkish teachers and terrorist movements. International institutions declared that sending them to jail was part of Erdogan’s regime plan to silence any opposition, both internal and the one living abroad. Moldovan authorities of that time decided to enter this game of power by committing actions that led to the country’s condemnation at the ECHR.

Moldovalive.md presents an exclusive interview, made with Hüseyin Bayraktar, the only teacher that was released and manage to escape from the country. In the first part of the interview, he told the story of his deportation, the treatment given to him by the Moldovan authorities, what happened to him in the plane and how he arrived in Turkey.

Next week, on Tuesday, we will post the second part of the interview, in which you will hear what happened after the deportation and how he arrived in Europe, where he received political asylum.

See the first part of the interview, containing shocking details of the day of 6 September 2018, below:


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