Moldova has registered a record number of asylum applications

Since the beginning of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova has registered a record number of asylum applications. Since the end of February and until now, over eight thousand applications have been processed, 80 times more than in previous years. The data were presented at the press conference of the Management of the Migration and Asylum Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (BMA), IPN reports.

The director of the Bureau, Mihail Vodă, stated that, although a record number was registered, the submission of asylum applications has slowed down recently. Of the more than 8,000 submitted so far, more than seven thousand have been filed by Ukrainian citizens.

“We analyzed the statistics of people who are currently on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, namely those who came from Ukraine. At the moment there are over 77 thousand people, who have decided to stay. Among them, 50,585 people are on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for more than 90 days “, the BMA director noted.

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According to a questionnaire conducted by the Bureau of Migration and Asylum, more than half of the Ukrainian refugees in the Republic of Moldova are from Odessa. 55% of respondents are between 25 and 44 years old. In terms of location, 65% of them live in Chisinau. Half of the interviewees live with relatives, friends or volunteers, and the others rent housing or live in foster care.

To date, more than four thousand people are registered in the asylum system, including more than 3,200 Ukrainians.

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