My Europe: How to ensure greater global support for Ukraine

To ensure greater support for a just peace in Ukraine, Radu Magdin writes that the countries that back Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression need to reframe the narrative of what the war means for the whole world.

In an article for Deutsche Welle, Radu Magdin writes the world needs to focus on people and what they have suffered, rather than the east-west divide. “I would argue that, while actively working to preserve unity and a renewed sense of purpose, the G7, NATO and European Union countries should acknowledge the strength of their alliances and focus their strategic communication efforts on where they can really make a difference. In terms of strategy and communication, we should be on the offensive.”

The war in Ukraine remains a topic of existential importance across Central and Eastern Europe. In response to all those — particularly in Western Europe — who felt that Eastern Europe was too obsessed with Russia, Putin‘s war has validated the security concerns of NATO’s eastern flank.


From the top down, the conflict has brought about a shared understanding of the causes of the war, as well as greater unity and solidarity. The decisions adopted over the past year have consolidated the perception that every inch of NATO territory is protected, although things are significantly more complicated, security-wise, for countries like Moldova and Georgia.

The West is now better prepared to deal with Russia than a year ago. In this context, the key debate of recent months has been about how long this shared East–West consensus in Europe will last, particularly among the general public.

In a world where we fight to eliminate these kinds of problems, which unfortunately still exist in large parts of the world, we must not allow the situation to deteriorate. The ultimate recipients of security are not Europeans, Russians, the West or the East, but humans all over the world.

If any other political implications deter countries from taking a stand, this is the ultimate argument: We must take a stand for the sake of humanity and peace.

Radu Magdin is a global Romanian analyst, consultant and former prime ministerial adviser in Romania and Moldova. You can read the full article here.

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