Winners Revealed in Moldova’s “Discover the Monuments on Banknotes” Contest

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Moldova’s national currency, the winners of the “Discover the Monuments on Moldovan Banknotes” contest have been officially announced. The event, which marked three decades since the introduction of the national currency, featured a live broadcast that captured the excitement of the draw.

Thirty fortunate individuals emerged as winners through a random selection process. The first-place honorees include Ivanov Eugenia, Musteața Daria, Ivascu Ion, Cebanita Alesia, Bejenaru Sergiu, Tutunaru Natalia, Oboroceanu Nicolae, Berliba Irina, Mihailov Olesea, and Bambuleac Marina.

Following closely, another group of ten participants secured the second position in the competition. Notably, the last ten winners, including names like Slivca Tatiana, Vodovoi Marina, and Dermenji Roman, are set to receive exclusive sets of coins. Additionally, those who clinched the top two positions will be honored with special commemorative silver coins.

The “Discover the Monuments on Moldovan Banknotes” contest, launched on August 27, 2023, on the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova, attracted participants of all ages and nationalities. Entrants creatively captured photographs of banknotes in circulation, with each image featuring a banknote against the backdrop of the monument it depicts.

The primary aim of the competition was to bolster civic pride and engagement, fostering a deeper connection between the public and Moldova’s historical values embodied in the national currency. The successful event concluded with a sense of celebration and appreciation for the cultural and historical richness reflected in the nation’s banknotes.

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