Destabilization Continues: Gagauzia Aims for Moscow Diplomatic Representation Amid Moldovan Tensions

Russia applies a patented recipe to create new tensions in the Republic of Moldova. This time, Gagauzia has been activated, whose representatives are requesting the opening of a diplomatic representation in Moscow, a privilege exclusively recognized for states.

Russia continues to have significant influence in the Republic of Moldova, and this is once again confirmed by the actions of the authorities of the autonomous Gagauz structure.

“Gagauzia wishes to open a representation in Moscow, but due to sabotage from Chisinau, this will take longer than expected,” stated the Bashkan (Governor) of Gagauzia, Evghenia Gutul, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“For now, it’s difficult to specify an exact date due to the sabotage of our activities by Chișinău, which is why the implementation of this project will take a bit longer than planned. However, there is a mutual desire to cooperate, which means that we will definitely open the representation there,” emphasized Guţul.


Evghenia Guţul further added that she is ready for a dialogue with Chisinau. “Despite the divergences that have occurred, I am ready to establish a dialogue with the authorities of the Republic of Moldova,” said the new Bashkan, who has not yet been confirmed by President Maia Sandu as a member of the Moldovan Government.

Previously, Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu stated that this will not happen.

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