European-type ID cards will appear in Moldova starting from 2025

Starting in 2025, a new European model of identity cards will be introduced in the Republic of Moldova, which will gradually replace the previously issued identity cards. Thus, citizens of our country will have an identity card, and foreign citizens, stateless persons, refugees and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection – a residence card.

The new documents, which will be issued from 31 March 2025, will be the size of a bank card and will include both printed information and biometric data – facial image and fingerprints of the owner. This will allow the expansion of the list of EU countries to which Moldovan citizens can travel based on the ID card. The new act will also facilitate people’s digital interaction with public institutions and access to banking, tax, social and educational services.

The ID card will no longer include information on domicile and temporary residence to prevent the need for frequent changes of documents. Likewise, the new ID cards will no longer have an accompanying sheet, and on the voting day, the information will be entered in electronic format without a stamp. Moreover, citizens will be required to hold an ID card from the age of 14, rather than 16 as at present, to extend access to social services offered to holders.

The draft law, approved by the Government, will be submitted to Parliament for consideration and approval.


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