Fetească Neagră: Exploring its Fruit Bouquet and Ideal Meat Pairings

Fetească Neagră is one of the four native grape varieties used to produce wines with the same name – Fetească Neagră. Vineyards in the Republic of Moldova, covered with this grape variety, stretch over 388 hectares, mainly in the Gagauz Autonomous Territorial Unit.

“It is a native variety, long cultivated on significant areas in the southern part of Moldova and in the eastern region of Muntenia. Nowadays, it is grown throughout the country, as well as beyond the country’s borders,” says Gheorghe Nicolaescu, a doctor in viticulture and associate professor in the Department of Horticulture at the Technical University of Moldova, in an interview with Realitatea.md.

Fetească Neagră is also known by the people as Poama Fetei Neagră, Păsărească Neagră, or Coada Rândunicii. Although the grapes are dark purple, they are used to produce not only red wines.

“You can obtain exceptional rosés as well as red wines that can be aged in quality oak barrels and later in bottles, resulting in high-quality wines. Depending on vinification techniques, wines with diverse aromas and a fine tannin structure, good acidity, medium to full body, and a medium to high alcohol level can be produced,” says Gheorghe Nicolaescu.

Image source: Gheorghe Nicolaescu

Red wine enthusiasts should know that Fetească Neagră is a variety dominated by fruits such as blackberries, plums, and black cherries, with spices like cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, and allspice standing out. In older wines, you can also sense the aroma of toasted bread crust and leather.

And for food enthusiasts, it’s important to pair them correctly. For a pure Fetească Neagră or a blended one, red meat is the most suitable choice. Opt for grilled beef or lamb, or you can savor a glass of Păsărească Neagră with a wild boar goulash or duck breast on the table. Enjoy your meal and native grape wines in your glass!


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