Moldova on the Path to EU Accession: 80% of Recommendations Implemented

The Moldovan government has successfully implemented 80% of the recommendations made by the European Commission for obtaining candidate country status, according to Alina Dandara, a representative of the ruling Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS). Efforts are now being made to meet the remaining conditions, which concern judicial reform so that negotiations for accession can begin by the end of the year.

Dandara described the resolution of the European Parliament, which recommends that EU institutions initiate accession negotiations with Moldova by the end of the year, as a clear message of support for the country’s Euro-integration process. She stated that 80% of the action plan for implementing the nine conditions set by the European Commission had already been completed.

“We are nearing the end. By mid-June, we will have a good result to present a positive technical report. We now have results of 80%. We still have work to do in the field of justice, but with small but sure steps, we are convinced that we will overcome the obstacles. The European Parliament’s resolution reaffirms the support that the European Union is providing us. Two years ago, Moldova chose the path of democracy, but there are forces trying to destabilize internal peace through a hybrid war, and the European Union is helping us to combat the effects of this hybrid war and fight against falsehoods,” Dandara said on the “Public Space” radio show.


Political commentator Ion Tăbârță stated that the European Parliament’s resolution is only a politically motivated recommendation. He added that the decision to begin accession negotiations will be a pragmatic one based solely on Moldova’s ability to fulfill its obligations to the European Union.

“This is a document with political content. This resolution recommends that the institutions of the European Union start accession negotiations, with the specification that Moldova must fulfill all the conditions. The document demonstrates that the European Union is open to Moldova’s accession to the community bloc. The ball is in our court. It depends on us how we will do our homework. This resolution of the European Parliament makes us optimistic, but we must remain realistic and understand that things must be done within Moldova,” said Tăbârță.

On April 18, the European Parliament’s budget committee approved macro-financial assistance of €145 million for Moldova. On April 19, the European Parliament voted on a resolution calling for accession negotiations with Moldova to begin by the end of 2023, following the fulfillment of the nine recommendations made by the European Commission. The resolution was adopted with 555 votes in favor, 49 against, and 26 abstentions.

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