PAS deputy told the Germans about the “Russian instruments of hybrid war, applied against Moldova”

Deputy of the “Party of Action and Solidarity” (PAS), Andrian Cheptonar, is currently in Germany, where he is attending an international police conference. He went there at the invitation of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

In his speech, Cheptonar “presented the example of the Republic of Moldova in countering the destabilizing influences of the Russian Federation for representatives of the management of police, anti-terror and counterintelligence organizations from 24 countries.”

“We talked about most of the Russian tools of hybrid warfare applied against Moldova – from corrupt politicians, thieves, oligarchs and fugitive policemen, propaganda and disinformation, using energy and migration as weapons. About protests paid for with money stolen from the people, young people with poor education – trained to attack the police, Wagner mercenaries and all kinds of foreign provocateurs who try to enter the country and provocations on the left of the Dniester.

Even if sometimes the citizens may think that the police is acting too slowly, I estimate that the police officers are doing their job very well. European generals also recognized it today, they expressed their admiration for the courage and capabilities of the law enforcement organizations of the Republic of Moldova”, Cheptonar said.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation – Moldova is one of the more than 50 representatives of the German political Hanns Seidel Stiftung (HSS), founded in 1967.

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