The presidency denies information that a military column is heading for Moldova

The presidential institution in Chisinau describes the information spread by the Russian press according to which a column of military equipment from Romania would go to the Republic of Moldova, as being fake news, writes

The reaction of the presidential institution comes after several media institutions in Russia published video images with a column of military equipment that would go to the Republic of Moldova.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense (MAN) also classified this information as being fake in a statement made on their official Facebook page.

”We are reporting a new fake news, posted on various online platforms in Romania and in other countries, which accredits the idea that a convoy of American military vehicles would move from Romania to Ukraine. In the footage on which this misinformation is based, there are indeed military vehicles of the US Army. These are part of those deployed by the 2nd US Cavalry Regiment at Mihail Kogalniceanu Base earlier this year. On Wednesday, April 27th, the American vehicles, accompanied, according to the national procedures, by special vehicles of the Romanian Army Military Police, went to the Babadag Polygon in order to execute some firing sessions previously planned with Romanian soldiers and allies.”

The MAN also came with the recommendation to check the news published in the virtual space that has a clear alarmist character through all the tools provided.

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