The tourism guide in Moldova: perspectives and challenges

For the development of tourism in the Republic of Moldova, numerous actions are undertaken, implicitly participating in various international forums and tourism exhibitions to promote the country in the international arena. But there is still much to do. People who work in the tourism sector must be supported equally with those responsible for the development of localities. Foreign tourists who come to Moldova and see garbage or destroyed roads are demotivated. A consolidated effort is needed to change things, said the president of the Alliance of Associations of Guides, Nina Belei, at an event devoted to the International Day of Tourist Guides.

Nina Belei noted that, compared to previous years, there are more young guides. This fact is due to the increase in the number of institutions that train specialists in the field. Also, various courses are organized, events that help young people understand how attractive the work of a guide is. What negatively influences the image of the profession remains the low salary.

Sergiu Prodan, minister of culture, said that the job of a guide is an artistic one, it requires talent, expressiveness, and dedication, things without which you cannot impress. Unlike jobs that only bring information to citizens, guides must bring a story. The success of tourism more than 50% depends on how we present things, how we explain them, and how we light that fire in the soul of visitors and that desire to return. The tourist’s desire to return to this country, to these places, and to see these people again is the most important indicator. And the guides are the ones who have to ensure this performance. “I assure you that the Ministry of Culture, as the central public authority responsible for this field, is making and will continue to make every effort to create a unique image of the Republic of Moldova”, said the minister.


According to John Riordan, deputy head of the USAID Moldova Mission, the guides are true educators regarding the beauty and richness of the Republic of Moldova. Today Moldova is more and more famous and many people from all over the world want to know more about the history of this country, the wonderful views and landscapes it has, but also about the wine industry which is becoming more and more famous. “For more than 10 years now, USAID has funded projects and programs in the tourism industry to strengthen and grow it. In our new project “Resilience and rural competitiveness in Moldova” we will focus on strengthening and increasing rural development, sustainability, and public-private partnerships in the entire value chain of this industry”, said the USAID representative.

During the event devoted to the International Day of the Tourist Guide, 21 guides were awarded who recorded outstanding performances and enjoy authority in the tourism industry in the Republic of Moldova.

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